Apr 28

Kompas TTS

Kompas TTS In this project, we collaborate with Radya Labs, Nokia, and Kompas newspaper. Specifically designed for crossword lovers in Indonesia, this game is designed for smartphone users. In this game, people can play crossword anytime and anywhere. Even they can also enlist to be the fastest solver on editors’ choice of crossword. There are […]

Dec 24

Pesona Edu

Pesona Edu We’ve also created interactive media for learning utilities. Students may learn by playing games while still understanding mathematics, physics, and chemistry curriculums. All modules are created based on HTML 5. Supported curriculums are for junior and senior high school students. This modules are also available on mobile, so students may learn everywhere.   […]

Dec 24

Love Latte

Love Latte LoveLatte is a visual novel game that educates on teenage relationship. This game hopefully can provide training for dating and helps players to get the knowledge needed in order to build great relationships in life. This game was made by collecting fantasy romantic aspects and education content to be in society. LoveLatte was […]

Dec 24

Satria Lembusuana

Satria Lembusuana Lembusuana is a mythology creature from Kutai Kingdom that has the head of an elephant’s and the body of a lion’s. It also has a crown, a horn, dragon scales, and wings. Lembusuana also happened to be the mascot of Kutai Kartanegara Kingdom. Its purpose was to be the guard of Kutai Kingdom […]