Press Release: Royal Matchmaker

OH NO, King and Queen are lost… again! Now, it’s up to you to help to find them!


Aruline, the developer of Asylon World and Countastic game, the winner of the Indonesia Bermain 2011 Award, is back to launch their newest game on Nokia Asha, Royal Matchmaker.  In Royal Matchmaker, the players are required to help the kingdom by finding the sleepy King and the Queen with a bad eyesight who will easily get lost everyday. With the help of a friendly dog and the royal members, players have to look over every card to check whether there is the king or the queen on the back of it. Be aware, however, of the enemy of the kingdom that will interfere your search.

Royal MatchMaker is a casual puzzle game with more than 99 consecutive levels. However, each level can be finished in a short amount of time. During the game, players have to pick one of the cards in the area to take a peek of what’s in the card.

The player’s objective is to find the King and the Queen. Some cards may be empty, but some may contain friendly allies, or dangerous enemy. If the players encounter the friendly allies, players may get helpful items that will help with finding the King and the Queen. One of the friendly allies is The Seer, that is able to let players see what is in the card without having to flip it.

The players may also encounter the dangerous enemies, making the search for the King and the Queen even harder. There are two kinds of dangerous enemies, one time and permanent. One time dangerous enemies give negative effects only when the card is flipped; for instance, the Joker shuffles every card’s position during the game, including the King and the Queen cards, while permanent enemies give a continuous negative effect until the game is cleared. One example of the permanent enemies is the Dragon, which permanently affects the stage and burn every single friendly ally that is found within its territory.

When the players have found the King and the Queen, the next objective is to draw them together. This can be achieved by shoving the cards between them until both of the cards meet. The remaining closed cards will be the player’s score; so, the less cards the players open the cards, the higher the players’ score.

Royal MatchMaker has three gameplay modes: normal, score, and time mission. In the normal mode, the player’s objective is to find and reunite the King and the Queen. In the score mission, not only the objective is to find and reunite the King and the Queen, players also have to live up to the set score as well. The time mission mode enables a time limit to finding the King and the Queen.

Royal MatchMaker will be available in full version and lite version. In the lite version, audiences may try the lowest levels for free until they may unlock all the levels by payment. Players, however, can buy the full version to access all levels from the beginning.

Full Version:


Lite Version :

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