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Now you can visit Aruline Blog! Aruline blog is now live!

Hey readers, now to get information regarding aruline,  you not only can visits our web, but also our blog. In our blog, we will post regularly many things about game development, such as our game postmortem, tips and trick at developing a game, our thought about issue that is hot in game industry, and many more. You can visit our blog at or simply click blog section on header.

We also have something special for you. It’s called Series. Different than regular post which discuss specific issue in one post, In series, our author will discuss general issue in episodic way, which means there will more than one post that discuss it.  The series will be ranged from serious topic to light issue. The series will be starting on this January. So please stay tuned. In the mean time, you can reach our post about our new game, Royal Matchmaker here.

Oh, if you are interested to write in our blog, just give us a call. We surely be happy to add it :D


-Aruline Studio-
Jl Ciheulang Baru 1 No. 17,
Tubagus Ismail, Bandung,
Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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