Meet the Team

Edria Albert Varian W


He majored in Informatics of ITB. He also won Indonesia Bermain 2011 with Sonya. He acts as a CEO and as well as a host of the other male team members of Aruline. He loves fast-paced game such as Hexagon and Pivvot.

    Ripandy Adha


    He graduated from Informatics of ITB. He recently won Hackathon in Startup Asia Jakarta 2013 on JalanTikus challenge as 2nd winner. His favorite quote is "life is a game, game is my life." He loves cats, but what he loves unconditionally is programming without any interference.

      Hapsari Muthi Amira


      She graduated from Information and System Technology ITB. She currently enrolls in Marketing on Master of Business Administration ITB. She also works as piano teacher in Concordia Music School. Based on her music background, her interest in making music for Aruline games surfaced.

        Sandy Lee

        Art Director

        He graduated from Visual Communication Design ITB. He loves to travel and managed to do that by having booths or showing his work to others by exhibition. One of his latest exhibition was on PopCon Asia 2013 in Jakarta. He also has worked with National Geographic.

          Rizky Winanda

          Art Director

          Graduated on April 2012 from Information and System Technology ITB, he began to pursue art and game design career. Having played a lot of game consoles in his childhood, he was inspired to create games that are not only for fun but also meaningful in life. He loves children, especially his nieces.

            Sonya Marietha


            She graduated from Information and System Technology on April 2012. Even though she currently works for other company in Bogor, she never fails to meet deadlines in Aruline. She is also the game designer of Countastic and Nerd Defense. She loves K-Pop and Running man.